Aiwibi AE

Aiwibi Super Soft Newborn Baby Tape Diapers - Soft Surface and Natural, Size NB ≤5KG 22 Counts

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• Made of Sandia SAP from Japan and weyerhaeuser fluffy pulp from the U.S., the top layer is super soft and comfortable for baby to wear.
• Natural wood pulp material, safe and secure, fragrance and paraben free, hypoallergenic, more assured mom.
• Weak acidity, close to the PH value of baby's skin, safe and skin-friendly, does not stimulate the baby's delicate skin, providing the best care.
• Composite absorption core, large absorption capacity, so that your baby always keep dry.
• Repeatable soft 3M Velcro, allowing your baby to move freely while firmly fitting your baby's waist, and will not tighten your baby's tummy.
• 3D Leak Guard, to prevent urine leakage from both sides.
• Wetness Indicator - Signals to moms when it's time to change baby's diaper.