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Why Choose AIWIBI Disposable Baby Diaper

Why Choose AIWIBI Disposable Baby Diaper

Keeping the skin of baby’s little butt dry is the first step to ensure the health of baby. It has become a normal phenomenon that more and more parents begin to throw away traditional cloth diapers and choose disposable breathable baby diapers for their babies. The reason can be explained as follows.

If traditional diapers are used improperly, diaper rash is most likely to occur. Diaper rash is a common skin disease in babies, and its main cause is the direct contact of the baby’s skin with the diaper and urine. The friction caused by the baby’s movement and and the failure to change the diaper in time is more likely to cause the occurrence of diaper rash. The principal method to prevent the babies from diaper rash is to avoid direct contact between urine and skin.

AIWIBI disposable baby diapers are made of Japan Sandia SAP and Sumitomo SAP, which can quickly absorb urine, prevent re-leakage, prevent the increase of skin PH value, and weaken the ability of diaper rash caused by stimulation. Disposable skin-friendly baby diapers can make the baby’s butt dry and comfortable so as to prevent the baby away from diaper rash. Dry and breathable baby diapers can help parents and baby to sleep soundly all night without the hassle of frequent diaper changes. Therefore, it is important for parents to choose comfortable and skin-friendly diapers that will help babies to play comfortably and explore the world freely.

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