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Time to Say Goodbye to Red Butts

Time to Say Goodbye to Red Butts

Many parents may be troubled by the red butts of their children who wear diapers for a long time. So what are the reasons for this problem, and what can parents do to prevent it? Here are some tips.

What Is Red Butts?

Red butts refer to redness, eczema, or rough skin around the baby’s butts or reproductive system due to long-time diaper wearing. This is a common skin disease of babies.

Why Does the Red Butts Occur?

  1. The baby’s feces and urine contain bacteria and urea. After bacterial reproduction and secretion, it is apt to produce gas that stimulates the skin, and the baby’s delicate skin is easy to be affected by its adverse reactions.
  2. Parents’failure to change diapers and clean the baby’s butt in time may also cause the baby to suffer from red butts.
  3. The size of the diapers worn by the baby is not suitable for the baby’s body shape, and it will rub against the baby’s skin, which may also easily cause redness and blistering of the skin.
  4. The baby’s diet may also cause red butts. Whether it is breastfeeding or not, parents should always pay attention to whether there are problems with the feeding of mothers and children. Such as avoid spicy, fried foods or warm and moist fruits, etc.

How to Avoid Red Butts?

  1. Choose high-quality, soft and breathable diapers and change diapers in a timely and diligent manner.
  2. Clean the baby’s butts in time, preferably with warm water after defecation, or use skin-friendly baby wet wipes to wipe the baby’s butts.
  3. After cleaning the baby, wipe the baby’s butts dry in time and then apply some baby butt cream, which can effectively protect the baby’s skin.
  4. It is a good way to let your baby’s butts are exposed to the air and get some sun every day. You can do this while changing diapers, but be careful not to let the baby have a cold.
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