Green hand parents will find a strange phenomenon after the birth of a baby -- the baby's little hands are always clenched tightly, which forms a small fist. Should parents open the baby's little fist? Generally speaking, newborns within a month spend most of their time with their hands clenched into fists and cannot stretch. But when the baby is two or three months old, parents can gently open the baby's tiny hand. According to scientific findings and the experience of some childcare experts, you can gently open your baby's clenched fist as long as everything is normal, but be sure to do it gently.

What are the benefits of opening the baby's fist?

        1. Promote the development of the nervous system

        The baby can try to grasp various objects when the fingers are separated, which enables the baby to actively learn and engage in various movements, and also facilitates the development of perception and concrete thinking skills.

        2. Exercise the baby's hand control ability

        The process of opening your little baby's hands can exercise his ability to control his small hands and lay the foundation for various movements such as holding toys in the future. As body movements continue to improve, babies can use their hands to do more interesting things. It will effectively help the baby to establish the concept of interaction between themselves and the environment, which will help the baby to learn, work and live in the future.

How to exercise to open the baby's fist?

        1. We can put our fingers into the palm of the baby when bathing baby, and the baby will immediately hold the parent's finger with his chubby little hand, and then we can gently wash it while turning it in the baby's little hand.

        2. Parents can also gently rub the baby's little hand from the thumb to the little finger when the baby is in good spirits, which can stimulate the development of tactile nerves.