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The Dangers of Zinc Deficiency in Babies

The Dangers of Zinc Deficiency in Babies

        Zinc is known as the "flower of life" and "source of intelligence", and is one of the essential trace elements in human body. It plays an extremely important role in human growth and development, immunity, endocrine and other important physiological processes.
        In the summer, many parents are particularly baffled by their babies' lack of appetite for food, low immunity, and the tendency to catch colds and fevers after sweating. In this case, your baby may have a zinc deficiency!
        Research statistics have found that over 60% of infants are deficient in zinc during the summer months. Zinc deficiency can lead to nutritional imbalance, slow growth, low immunity and even mental retardation in severe cases. Therefore, parents should pay high attention to it.
Why babies are prone to zinc deficiency in summer?
        1. Because of zinc is consumed during the growth and development of the baby. If the body doesn’t store enough, coupled with the lack of appetite in summer, then the intake of zinc from the diet will be reduced, eventually causing a large deficiency of zinc.
        2. Babies are prone to sweating in summer and zinc is excreted with sweat and urine.
        3. Summer is the high incidence of intestinal diseases. If your baby is infected with a disease which will easily have diarrhea, and it will also cause the loss of zinc.
What are the symptoms of zinc deficiency in babies?
        1. Heterophagia, anorexia, partiality, picky eating, no sense of hunger, do not take the initiative to eat.
        2. Prone to mouth ulcers, long map tongue.
        3. Slow growth, short stature, thin.
        4. Lower immunity, easy to catch cold, diarrhea.
        5. Low intellectual development.
How to supplement zinc for babies?
        1. Babies supplement zinc from foods with high zinc content, such as lean meat, animal liver, egg yolk, seafood, etc. And vegetarian babies need to strengthen the intake of animal food, otherwise babies are prone to insufficient zinc intake.
        2. Parents can choose some baby zinc supplements by baby stores, which quicker and more effective. But you need to specify the daily intake to avoid your baby eating them as sugar.
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