It is such an exciting thing for a family to prepare for the arrival of a new member. Meanwhile, being first-time parents may be a little nervous, and then shopping for the little one will inevitably seem overwhelming. Therefore, it is of great need to prepare a shopping list for newborn essentials in advance.

Breastfeeding Essentials

1. Milk Bottle and Pacifier: It is necessary to prepare two bottles for breast feeding and 3-5 bottles for milk powder feeding with a capacity of about 120mlIt is recommended that parents prepare both kinds of bottlesglass and plastic ones. The former is heat-resistant and easy to wash, while the latter one is light and not easy to break. In addition, more than 2 pacifiers shall be prepared for replacement.

2. Bottle Brush: Prepare two brushes of different sizes for bottles and pacifiers. Fiber brush is chosen for glass bottles and sponge brush for plastic bottles.

3. Breast Pump: It can help suck out excess milk and relieve breast swelling pain.

. Diapering Essentials

1. Disposable Diaper:Prepare 4 packs of NB-size diapers, and try to choose breathable diapers with strong absorption. AIWIBI baby diapersare the first and best choice to meet all your needs.

2. Baby Wet Wipe: 6-12 packs of 80-piece baby wet wipes.

3. Diaper Pad: 2-3 sheets, which can effectively prevent baby's urine from wetting the bed.


. Clothing Essentials

1. Onesies: Prepare 4 sets of onesies, which are made of 100% cotton with good sweat absorption, strong air permeability and flexibility.

2. Sleeping Suit: The size should be a bit larger, so as not to cause a sense of bondage to the baby.

3. Socks and Hats: Multiple pairs of socks can be prepared and the thickness depends on the season. As for the hats, warm thread hat in winter and shading hat with eaves in summer.


. Bathing and Cleaning Essentials

1. Bathtub: Choose a slightly larger baby bath tub for bathing and playing with water.

2. Baby Towel: It is wise to choose two thick cotton bath towels, one for holding the baby out of water, and the other for rubbing or dressing after the baby is dried.

3. Baby Wash & Shampoo:The products you are going to buy should be mild and has no stimulation, which can protect babys delicate skin.