Change number one: eat more staple foods.

        After the child is one year old, staple food and vegetables are the main meals, so give your child three meals a day of staple food and vegetables, and just make sure 400-600ml of milk is consumed every day, and eat staple food and vegetables the rest of the time.

        Try to vary the child's daily diet because different foods can provide different nutrition!



        Change number two: add a small amount of salt to your child's food.

        After the first year, parents can add a pinch of salt to their child's food. If the child can eat food without salt, you can skip the salt for a while.

        Because natural food contains a lot of sodium, it is especially important for children to eat some seafood, such as oysters, nori, and seaweed.



        Change number three: allow children to learn to eat on their own.

        Children must eat independently. Children learn to eat on their own so that they can know how much they need to eat at each meal, to avoid children eating too much or not enough, resulting in malnutrition, and to avoid picky anorexia in children!

        Allow your child to eat on his or her own and don't be concerned about him or her getting dirty. In exchange for the child soiled clothes, the child will eat by themselves, as well as exercise the child's fine motor skills and aid in the child's brain development.