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Parents Must Know How to Deal With the 27 Common Problems of Newborns(Part IV)

Parents Must Know How to Deal With the 27 Common Problems of Newborns(Part IV)

21. Boogers
        You can soften the boogers and eliminate them by applying a warm towel to the nostrils. Consider rhinitis and seek medical advice if your baby has a lot of boogers every day and other symptoms.
22. Bathing
        Bathing a newborn baby should keep the bathroom temperature stable in order to keep the baby from getting a cold. Use a baby bathing wash and shampoo to help clean, keep the water temperature at 37-40 degrees, clean the baby's skin folds, dry the body quickly after washing, and keep the baby stay warm.
23. Baldness on Pillows
        Pillow baldness in babies is a common occurrence that usually improves gradually around the age of one, so don't be too concerned. When the head rubs against the pillow, a portion of the hair is easily rubbed off. Furthermore, if the pillow is too firm, it will cause pillow baldness, so choose a pillow that is appropriate for your baby.
24. Poop in Green
        Green poop is normal for newborns in general.
        There are several reasons for this, including:
        First, formula-fed babies may experience indigestion and should take probiotics.
        Second, if the baby isn't getting enough milk, increase the amount fed.
        Third, pay attention to the abdomen to stay warm. Cold also causes more frequent poops.
        Fourth, consider whether it is the result of a recent food change in which the baby ate vegetables or other foods that cause intestinal discomfort.
25. Teething
        Teething usually begins around the age of six months.
        However, occurs at different times for different babies. Some babies are born with two teeth, while others grow them later. Teething is considered normal if it occurs before the age of one.
26. Mosquito bites
        A newborn baby's skin is extremely delicate, making it a favourite of mosquitoes and insects.
        Apply ointment or baby mosquito repellent, or wash the bites with soap and water, to relieve itching and swelling. Avoid scratching the skin, which can lead to cross-infection.
27. Rash on the nose's tip
        Newborns have small, pinhead-shaped, yellowish-white granules called milium on their foreheads, cheeks, and nasal tips a few days after birth. To avoid infection, don't picking at it. The milium usually disappears on its own after a few weeks.
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