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Parents Must Know How to Deal With the 27 Common Problems of Newborns(Part I)

Parents Must Know How to Deal With the 27 Common Problems of Newborns(Part I)

1. Spitting up

        It is normal for newborns to spit up. Do not pick up the baby immediately to prevent choking, let the baby lie on his side to clean up the residual milk in the nose and mouth, and burp after each feeding to avoid spitting up.

2. Umbilical cord

        After the birth of a newborn, the umbilical cord usually falls off on its own after 3-7 days, forming an inwardly depressed belly button. Before shedding, pay attention to keep the umbilicus clean and dry, do not touch the water when bathing, and pay attention to cleaning and disinfection after bathing. If the umbilicus is not properly cared for, the umbilicus will become infected with bacteria and purulent secretions and umbilicitis will occur, and medical attention should be sought immediately.

3. Jaundice

        This includes physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice.

        Physiological jaundice usually subsides on its own one week to ten days after birth. Parents can let their babies get more sunlight; pathological jaundice can be characterized by a yellowish tinge on the limbs that progresses rapidly and does not subside, or reappears after receding slightly, with symptoms such as drowsiness, refusal to eat milk, irritability, and even convulsions, which require prompt medical attention.

4. Eczema

        Eczema is flaky and recurrent, with redness, blisters, scabs, and itching. When eczema first develops, you can apply a thick cream to your baby to relieve it.

5. Umbilical Hernia

        An umbilical hernia creates a soft swelling or bulge near the navel. When the abdominal pressure increases, such as crying and coughing, the umbilical bulge increases in size and shrinks or disappears when sleeping quietly. Most of them can heal on their own as they grow older, but a few need to be treated according to medical advice.

6. Diarrhea

        First: Indigestion, you can feed your baby some probiotics to regulate the intestinal tract;

        Second: Viral infection, seek medical attention;

        Third: Catch a cold, pay attention to keep warm, feed some warm water;

        Fourth: Inappropriate addition of complementary food, find out the reason, feeding with single food material;

        Fifthlactose intolerance, add some lactose-free milk powder to improve.

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