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Newborn Basic Care

Newborn Basic Care

Umbilical cord: Generally it will fall off within 3 weeks. Keep it dry before it falls off. Disinfect it with iodophor once a day in the morning and evening.

Bathing: The time can be between two feedings. The water temperature is 37-40°C and the room temperature is about 26°C. It is appropriate to bathe for 5-10 minutes. Bathing is done twice a week in winter, every other day in spring and autumn, and every day in summer.

Changing diapers: Change them every 2-3 hours. There is no support for the spine of a newborn. When lifting the baby's legs to change diapers, the back should not be more than a fist away from the bed. It is recommended to change sideways.

Wash the butt: Rinse with running water. After washing, use a soft cotton towel to dry the buttocks. Make sure the buttocks are dry before wearing diapers.


Touch: After each bath, you can use massage oil to touch your baby to promote the baby's tactile development and enhance the parent-child relationship. 

Dressing: Babies have a strong metabolism and are more afraid of heat than adults, so don’t wear too much.

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