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Little Koala Story 4---The Arctic Adventure

Little Koala Story 4---The Arctic Adventure

Lead: Little Koala Story series updated now! Guess what else interesting story will happen to the brave Little Koala? Lets get the answer!

Brief Introduction: After listening to the story of the Arctic Terns journey to the Arctic, the Little Koala is looking forward to making a journey to the Arctic, so he decided to explore there.

After making this plan, the Little Koala began to prepare travel supplies and build a boat. Little Koalas friend Kangaroo came to help him build the boat together. However, the Kangaroo said that he could not take his time off, so he was unable to go to the Arctic adventure with the Little Koala. And he felt very depressed, hoping that one day he could go to the Arctic adventure to appreciate the Northern Lights.

After hearing this, the little koala secretly promised that he would take some pictures of the Northern Lights for his bro Kangaroo. Now, everything was ready, the Little Koala embarked on the Arctic adventure ...

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