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Is It Good or Bad to Give Your Baby A Pillow?

Is It Good or Bad to Give Your Baby A Pillow?

       The baby can sleep on the pillow, but only if the baby is more than three months old.

       Because the baby's head, neck and shoulder back are at the same level within three months, there is no need to pillow. So let the baby sleep on a flat bed without pillow, which is the most comfortable state. Premature use of pillows for your baby will change your baby's sleeping habits, affect the development of the spine, and easily lead to hunchback. And because the baby is too small to flexibly control the body, it is easy to be covered by the pillow when sleeping, and it is easy to suffer from hypoxia, even suffocation. Three months later, the physiological curvature of the baby's spine gradually forms. At this time, giving the baby a pillow helps to improve the comfort.

        At the same time, when the baby sleeps, it helps to keep the respiratory tract smooth and improve the sleep quality. The pillow also helps the baby sleep head shape, prevents head deviation, and is beneficial to the baby's growth and development.

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