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How to Avoid The Trouble of Baby Urine Leakage

How to Avoid The Trouble of Baby Urine Leakage

The problem of baby urine leakage has always troubled parents, bringing great inconvenience to their lives. The causes and solutions of baby urine leakage are worth discussing.

  1. Inappropriate size. It is more likely to cause urine leakagewhen the size of the baby diaper is too large or small. Therefore, when choosing the size of diapers, parentsshould consider not only the baby’s weight, but also the baby’s body shape.
  2. Incorrectway of wearing, elastic waistband and leak-proof edges are not organized well, asymmetric diaper wearing will also lead to urine leakage. What’s more, the urine leakage will also occur if the diaper has been used for a long time and the baby’s movement range is too large.
  3. The capacity of the diaper has reached its maximum. It is much easier to result in urine leakage when the urine volume is so largethatbeyond the tolerance of the diaper. In this case, parents should observe the urine indicator and replace the diaper in time. 

To sum up, it is of great significance to choose soft, breathable, dry and super absorbent diaper for baby. AIWIBI super soft and breathable diaper can effectively prevent the baby’s urine leakage under different circumstances. The elastic waistband and leak-proof structure can better suit baby’s body shape. The hot-air surface of baby diaper is super soft, skin-friendly and breathable so that the surface of the diaper always tends to be dry and refuses to be stuffy.

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