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Healthy Living Habits to Improve Babies' Immunity

Healthy Living Habits to Improve Babies' Immunity

        Nowadays, many parents give their children expensive health care products or antibiotics in order to improve their children’s immunity. However, the healthiest way is to cultivate their children’s good living habits to improve their immunity.

1. Balance the Nutrition

        If parents want to enhance their babyimmunity, pay attention not to give your baby refined processed food that are high in oil and sugar. Parents can prepare more natural foods and vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and minerals for babies. When adding non-staple food after the baby is 4 months old, the first thing to try is rice flour and wheat flour. After weaning, the alternative food is also cereals. Whole grains are rich in germ and polysaccharides, vitamins B and E. These antioxidants can enhance immunity and strengthen the function of immune cells.

2. Drink More Water

        Drinking more water can keep the mucous membrane moist and build an important defense line against bacteria. Remember to bring a water bottle when taking the babies outdoors, so that they can drink whenever they are thirsty. Be sure to give your baby boiled water, and a variety of sugary drinks are not advisable.

3. Take More Exercise

        Children who like sports tend to be in good health and have strong resistance. In fact, children’s sports habits can be cultivated from an early age, and sports can be penetrated into every detail of life. Before the baby learns to walk, parents should clean up a safe environment and encourage the child to lie down and climb more. After the baby learns to walk, parents can allow the baby to walk and run as much as possible. On weekends, take your children to parks with fresh air and beautiful environment nearby. Let children understand that exercise is as important as eating and sleeping.

4. Get Regular Test

        Parents had better record the baby’s daily milk drinking and sleeping time from the day the baby was born, and strive to cultivate a regular daily routine as the baby grows up day by day.

5. Have Good Hygiene

        Parents should pay attention to training their children to form good hygiene habits, especially before and after meals, they should let their children wash their hands to prevent diseases from entering from the mouth.

6. Massage the Skin

        Massage causes a series of benign reactions of the nervous, endocrine and immune systems of the whole body through mild stimulation of skin senses, which can promote the secretion of gastrointestinal hormones, help to increase the babyfood intake, promote food digestion, absorption and excretion, and accelerate weight growth. At the same time, the massage can also activate the baby’s whole body muscles to make the body grow stronger. In addition, skin irritation has a direct and indirect impact on enhancing the immunity of babies, which is beneficial to the healthy physical and mental development of newborns.

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