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Christmas in Australia: A Unique Summer Vacation (Part I)

Christmas in Australia: A Unique Summer Vacation (Part I)

      When it comes to Christmas, everyone's mind must go to the image of Santa Claus riding a sleigh in a red sweater, delivering presents to every little child to the sound of Christmas bells. "It's not like Christmas," northern hemisphere visitors say when they visit Australia in December. In fact, unlike in the northern hemisphere, Christmas is celebrated in the winter. Australia has its own unique Christmas customs at the start of summer.

      It's really hot

      Because Australia is in the southern hemisphere, which has the opposite seasons as the northern, the arrival of Christmas also means the arrival of summer. In Australia, the image of Santa Claus in a sleigh on a snowy day does not exist, and this is the time when Santa Claus can be seen in various vehicles such as motorcycles and cars. Traditionally, Santa Claus wears a red sweater to keep warm, but in Australia, where Christmas is in the summer, Santa Claus is more likely to be seen with a surfboard and shorts.


      However, snow remains one of our Christmas elements

      With the arrival of Christmas, shopping malls begin to offer discounts, and snow elements will decorate the entire mall as if it were a winter wonderland. We also sing snow carols that mention winter, snowmen, and snowflakes.


      We will attend a beach party

      Every year, a large number of people flock to Bondi Beach to celebrate Christmas by playing on the sand, donning Santa hats, and spending the day surfing. Christmas trees are also placed along the beach to create the atmosphere of a summer beach Christmas.


      Will also barbecue with family

      While the northern hemisphere is eating roast turkey and baked potatoes for Christmas, we are preparing outdoor barbecues and anticipating a prawn run. Seafood platters are a popular Christmas treat in Australia. People go to the local market to get the freshest prawns, then spend time relaxing around the grill with their families.


      Take a road trip with the sea

      Christmas is also a time for family reunions. Depending on the distance, Australians frequently go on a Christmas road trip as a family, bringing snacks and drinks prepared ahead of time, leaning back on soft pillows, and then spending time relaxing with the kids on the road while admiring the beautiful scenery.


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