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AIWIBI STORY (Ⅲ) -- Little Koala 's Space Exploration

AIWIBI STORY (Ⅲ) -- Little Koala 's Space Exploration

New AIWIBI Little Koala Story is to show you here.




Brief Introduction


Little Koala is an explorer in universe,he had no choice but landed a strange planet due to the malfunction of the spaceship. He provides super soft baby diaper for prince to solve the trouble that the kid pees around! Afterwards, with the help of the King, Little Koala fixed up the spaceship left the planet for his adventure journey .




The aim of AIWIBI Comic Story Series :


The brand of AIWIBI is getting more and more popular globally. In order to enhance the brand's image and to improve the brand awareness worldwide, based on the AIWIBI brand mascot--” Koala, a series of AIWIBI Koala comic and interesting stories has been launched and also will have more in coming. Through different vivid stories ,it would help you have better and easier understanding on the AIWIBI corporate culture and core value intuitively.


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